Jazz Weekly Internet Package 8am to 6pm

Jazz is offering a weekly internet package from 8am to 6pm with 10 GB of data and unlimited jazz mins for the whole week. This weekly internet package of jazz is also known as the work from the home bundle.

Jazz prepaid work from home bundle is a weekly internet package from 8am to 6pm with 10 gb of data and unlimited jazz mins.

Jazz Work From Home Bundle Details

Subscription Fee: Rs.95 (Incl.tax)

Subscription Code: *117*14#

Status Code: *117*14*2#

Validity: Weekly

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer 10 GB data can only be used between 8am - 6pm.
  2. Call setup charges of Rs. 0.15 per call is appropriate.
  3. This super offer is non-recursive and the user should dial the string *117*14# to buy this weekly internet package again.
  4. Authentic internet speed will rely upon various circumstances like sim card, device structure, web pages accessibility, day or night time, number of coexistent users, distance from signal providing towers, and so forth.
  5. If the jazz customer is not subscribed to any internet bundle, the base rate will be charged for example Rs.5/MB. The charging beat will be 512 KB.
  6. Surplus of Rs. 2.0/MB applies in case weekly internet offer incentives are depleted.
  7. Many Subscriptions of the weekly offer are permitted.

Important Note

Jazz company keeps updating its packages from time to time, which may result in misrepresentation of the value, tax information, and price of the internet packages provided in our article.

You can visit Jazz's official website jazz.com.pk for more details and information. You can contact your nearest Jazz franchise to avoid any hassle about jazz internet packages.

You can also call the Jazz Helpline at 111 to know more information about jazz weekly internet packages for the daytime.